Heinz Meyer is a real fame among the judges !!!  


His perfect eye was appreciated not only by Paul Schockemohle, for whom Heinz Meyer was his right hand, but also by most studbooks in Europe.


His international fame continues!

  The best relationships strive for his time!


For Zangersheide, Heinz judges the stallions and makes the recognition . It is he who is behind the excellent rate of the world's best stallions, which Zangersheide can now boast of.  

Also KWPN - the Dutch stud book - did not miss the opportunity not to take advantage of the experience and perfect eye of Heinz Meyer  and hired him to select and recognize the KWPN stallions

- not only in a free jump, but also under the saddle.


As the KWPN inspector Peter Strijbosch said:

"There is currently no more prestigious position in the world as a sports horse judge than participating in a commission during the stallion recognition for Zangersheide and KWPN."

Heinz Meyer achieved EVERYTHING in his referee's career !!!

Today he honored us with his presence at the INTERCARPATHIA Poland Championship !!!

This is a very important moment for Polish breeding!

INTERCARPATHIA is launching an On-line Auction

The INTERCARPATHIA team is launching
Online Auction.

Horses can be registered for participation until November 20
in the Online Auction.

It is very easy!

All participants of the event
Intercarpathia Top Horses
December 4 in Salio

have the opportunity to take part in recordings and photos
to the On-line Auction as part of participation in Intercarpathia .

Veterinarians will be available on site,
who will do the necessary research.

This is a great opportunity for breeders and horse owners!
And all of this at no extra cost!


Kowboj i królewskie córki.png

For you, the prizes are sponsored by the best

For you on

Intercarpathia Poland Championship

the prizes are sponsored by the best

Over PLN 40,000 in the prize pool for the Intercarpathia Poland Championship Wow! You submit great horses. Only 23 days to the event. The number of places is limited.

Intercarpathia Poland Championship soon !!!

Intercarpathia Poland Championship is an event summing up the Subcarpathia-Intercarpathia series.

We are proud to be part of the currently developing market for breeding and selling sports horses in Poland! We are pleased to see our event grow and take on strength! Stay with us! Inspire us with your ideas! We are waiting for you!

Soon, March 6-07, 2021 SALIO

March 6-07, 2021


Louis de Cleene

on  Subcarpathia Top Horses

Zangersheide is preparing a mega surprise for breeders!  Member of the evaluation committee  horses to stay

Louis de Cleene inspector  Zangersheide

A man who runs the most important sport horse auctions in the world. With great experience in judging young horses !.

  A world-class persona!  

This is a great opportunity for breeders to present their horses, advertise their breeding, and gain experience! Hopefully Louis de Cleene  he will become a permanent judge of the Subcarpathia Top committee  Horses of subsequent editions. And Polish breeders will have the opportunity to establish international trade relations.

We wish this to everyone!

Panel discussion with Louis de Cleene

In an open discussion panel broadcast by Świat Koni during the Subcarpathia Top Horses event  Louis de Cleen will share with Polish breeders his knowledge about the functioning of the horse breeding market in Belgium and beyond.  We will find out how they are shaped  the most modern breeding trends, how can Poland's future be seen in sport horse breeding, how is the trade and marketing market developing, how Polish breeders can participate in it.  We will also ask him how to choose a breeding queen.


We will direct these and many other questions to our expert.

You too will be able to ask questions thanks to the open on-line panel.  

Details soon!

You can not

miss it !!!


Peter Strijbosch

on Subcarpathia !!!

Experienced judge


Subcarpathia Top Horses

Peter Strijbosch  a very experienced KWPN inspector will honor us with his presence at Subcarpathia!

Top-class specialist in line assessment, perfectly familiar with the secrets of the functional assessment of horse confirmation.  Experienced in judging show jumping and dressage horses. Former competitor and representative of the Netherlands in jumping, dressage and eventing.  

He is a man who knows the livestock markets around the world, and to this day a member of the FEI Developing Markets Advisory Team.

Judge of mares and stallions of KWPN, regular judge of the young horses championship, and, interestingly, a judge in the hunters' championship.

The best specialists from the world of horse breeding !!!

Interesting prizes at Subcarpathia Top Horses

Courtesy of the best, constantly developing  stallion stations in Poland, breeders have the opportunity to win breedings with top stallions.

We all know that investing in breeding always brings us a lot of satisfaction.


We hope to see the effects of "these awards" in the form of beautiful foals at Subcarpathia, in the Subcarpathia Top Foals edition soon.