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Ladies and gentlemen,

We are glad that you entered many wonderful horses for INTERCARPATHIA AUCTION!

During the INTERCARPATHIA Top Horses event, your employees will be waiting at the Intercarpathia office  draw up appropriate contracts and powers of attorney with you on our behalf.

Let's not forget to take with us:


- horse passport,

- a document confirming the ownership of the horse.  

Horses participating in the auction will be entitled to start first, in order to then be able to complete the formalities related to the signing of contracts and veterinary examinations .

Only the owners who prepare the auction have the right to participate in the auction
appropriate agreements with the Organizer!


  • You have access to buyers from all over the world!
  • We deal with the promotion of your horse!
  • Your horse has a chance to appear on the international market!
  • You get many buyers and get higher prices!
  • Anyone interested in buying your horse?           Invite him to participate in the Online Auction!

Would you like to try to sell your horse at the Online Auction?

  • Your horse is beautifully prepared!
  • A photographer and a cameraman are waiting for him there!
  • You will perform X-ray examinations on site!
  • You will do all the formalities on the spot!
  • There is no risk and no additional costs!

How do I submit a horse to the Online Auction?

  • Fill in                         you will provide all the necessary information there and define your minimum price.
  • And that's all!
Our team will contact you. We will provide you with all the detailed conditions for participation in the Online Auction
in the e-mail.