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We invite you to take part in the Subcarpathia Top Horses Review (POLAND)


5 December 2020

The event will take place in:


Leśna Wola Horse Stud 

Indoor riding school.

Horse stalls available on site.



We invite horses in the following categories:

  1. 2017 horses  (mares, stallions, geldings) with jumping pedigrees of all noble breeds;

  2. horses from 2018 (mares, stallions, geldings) with jumping pedigrees of all noble breeds;

  3. horses from the year 2017 and 2018 (mares, stallions, geldings) with dressage pedigrees of all noble breeds.

Applications are accepted by Ula Pekaniec, tel. +48 512 318 949  


Please send a complete set of documents by 03/12/20

to the address



or with  application form on:

Documents should contain the following information:


  1. The horse's name

  2. Date of birth

  3. sex

  4. Owner

  5. Breeder

  6. Race

  7. Lineage  it should contain 3 generations

(The aplication should be accompanied by 3 generation pedigree)


Horses will be classified as show jumping or dressage horses as indicated by the breeder by taking  the pedigree is taken into account.

Horses will be graded on a scale of 1-10 in hand:

-in standing position,

- at a walk, 

and  then in free motion and in free jump (show jumping horses).

The commission will consider confirmation (construction), steppe movement, trot, canter, jump.

For each of these traits, the horse can score 1-10 points and will be counted for evaluation  grade average.


The presenter shows the horse in the ring in a standing position and in a walk. 

The horse then shows up in free motion and in free jump (show jumping horses).

The jumping corridor will be built of two low jumps and an oxer. The distance between the rails and the ridge and oxer per one foule of the horse's jump.

Height of obstacles up to 125 cm for older horses. 

The organizer reserves the right to change the height, distance and adapt the arrangement of the corridor to the requirements of the commission and the horses' abilities.



Approximate size of the ring 17 meters by 35 meters.

Black outfits for presenters will be obligatory during the review.


It is possible to use the services of presenters on site.


We ask horse owners to present valid vaccinations on the day of the show.



ATTENTION !  Horses participating in Subcarpathia Top Horses have the option to qualify  for recordings for an elite auction  TC Auction in Salio!


You can buy an individual movie of your horse!

Approximate starting times:

9:00 Dressage horses

10:30 Jumping horses, 2.5 years old

13:00 3.5-year-old jumping horses *

* hours are subject to change


Participation in Subcarpathia Top Horses:


-250 PLN.


Horse stalls:

-100 zloty.  

Charges will be collected on site.




Leśna Wola Horse Stud, tel. 692 421 961




Urszula Pekaniec

Tel. +48  512 318 949

Ewa Walas

Tel. +48 608 530 797


Józef Pekaniec

Tel. +48 695 950 920

Tomasz Plewa

Tel. +48 693 685 630

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