For INTERCARPATHIA AUCTION ONLINE, the young horses were assessed and selected by the best specialists in Europe!

Horses offered on
were selected during the championship for young horses
in free jumping and free movement.

Szanowni Państwo,

Aby wziąć udział w aukcji wystarczy wypełnić formularz zgłoszeniowy



Zgłoszenia należy przesłać w terminie do 20 listopada 2022.

Katalog koni INTERCARPATHIA AUCTION dostępny będzie dla inwestorów do końca listopada. A wszystkie sprzedawane konie będzie można zobaczyć NA ŻYWO podczas INTERCARPATHIA 2022 EDITION!

Sprawdzona i stabilna formuła Selection & Sale gwarantuje najwyższą jakość opartą

na uczciwych zasadach!!! 


Podczas przebiegu nagrań  czekać będą na Państwa pracownicy, którzy  w naszym imieniu sporządzą z Państwem stosowne umowy i pełnomocnictwa.

Nie zapomnijmy zabrać ze sobą:

-dokument tożsamości,

-paszport konia,

-dokument potwierdzający własność konia. 

Konie, które biorą udział w nagraniach do aukcji będą mogły dopełnić formalności związanych z podpisaniem umów i badaniami weterynaryjnymi na miejscu.

#the jury was attended by:


Heinz Meyer is a real fame among the judges !!!  


His perfect eye was appreciated not only by Paul Schockemohle, for whom Heinz Meyer was his right hand, but also by most studbooks in Europe.


His international fame continues!

  The best relationships strive for his time!


For Zangersheide, Heinz judges the stallions and makes the recognition . It is he who is behind the excellent rate of the world's best stallions, which Zangersheide can now boast of.  

Also KWPN - the Dutch stud book - did not miss the opportunity not to take advantage of the experience and perfect eye of Heinz Meyer  and hired him to select and recognize the KWPN stallions

- not only in a free jump, but also under the saddle.


As the KWPN inspector Peter Strijbosch said:

"There is currently no more prestigious position in the world as a sports horse judge than participating in a commission during the stallion recognition for Zangersheide and KWPN."

Heinz Meyer achieved EVERYTHING in his referee's career !!!

Today he honored us with his presence at the INTERCARPATHIA Poland Championship !!!

This is a very important moment for Polish breeding!


Peter Strijbosch  a very experienced KWPN inspector.

Top-class specialist in line assessment, perfectly familiar with the secrets of the functional assessment of horse confirmation.  Experienced in the evaluation of show jumping and dressage horses.

Former competitor and representative of the Netherlands in jumping, dressage and eventing.  

A man who knows the livestock markets around the world, he is still a member of the FEI Developing Markets Advisory Team.

Judge of mares and stallions of KWPN, regular judge of the championship of young horses, and, interestingly, a judge in the hunters' championship.



Experienced! Modern! Recognizable!

Known to Polish breeders, mainly due to the recognition of stallions. His knowledge of European markets is impressive. A longtime judge for the book  Selle-Francais - a specialist in the construction and functioning of horses respected throughout Europe. He assesses mental abilities and sport predispositions with particular accuracy. 

Regular judge of mares and stallions, as well as foals .  


Experienced, and at the same time known for being modern  approaches!

A valued judge of young horses, stallions and mares. Longtime director  Stallions of Stallions in Gniezno .

It competes with the assessment of representatives of the best books  studs of Europe!


He knows all aspects of assessing the structure and predispositions of young sports prospects. The best Polish breeding stallions came out from under his hand. Andrzej Matławski's gaze is always focused on sporting predispositions and perfect confirmation.

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